👋 Hi, this is Babak. And here’s a brief of what I’m doing.

Entrepreneurship Journey

These are the side projects I’ve been working on mostly by ideating, researching, and validating in hopes of becoming impactful products and startups.

Most of my experience and domain expertise is in B2C, UX, and SaaS.

I’m most passionate about products in these fields: AI Copilots/Autopilots, Productivity Tools, No-Code Tools, Visual Tools, and Blockchain Tools.


<aside> 📢 I’m Looking for a co-founder!

Are you passionate about any of the topics above and are looking to partner up with a tech person? Do you chase impact and have a focus on delivering value with good products that actually work? Contact me now!

PS: I’m not looking for a specific skill set in my co-founder, I’m rather looking for moralities, passion, perspective, and either intelligence or consistency. if these are shown we can build trust over time. PS$^2$: I’m not looking for a co-founder for a particular project/idea. Although my options are listed here, you should bring yours, and we will take action on the one we are both most passionate about.


Freelancing & Advisory

I give high-level and low-level tech advisory services to founders, business owners, and companies.

I have 16 years of experience as a software engineer and 6 years as a leader and manager at different levels.

I have domain knowledge and expertise in:

I can: